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Jonathan Marshall: US Arms Makers Invest in a New Cold War

As Lee Fang observed recently in The Intercept, “The escalating anti-Russian rhetoric in the U.S. presidential campaign comes in the midst of a major push by military contractors to position Moscow as a potent enemy that must be countered with a drastic increase in military spending by NATO countries.”

Lee Fang: Military Contractors Behind New Pressure Group Targeting Presidential Candidates

A look at the list of people and military manufacturing corporations involved says it all.

Lobbying: Statistics and Trends, especially Defense

Center for Responsive Politics  OpenSecrets.org Editor’s Note: A good website to know about.  A lot of data on lobbying available.   Lobbying Database   In addition to campaign contributions to elected officials and candidates, companies, labor unions, and other organizations spend billions of dollars each year to lobby Congress and federal agencies. Some special interests […]

What Our Tax Dollars Pay For> In Billions

At the NATO Summit in Chicago last month, Northrop Grumman company received a 1.7 billion dollar contract to build five (only five!) new drones.  The CEO of Northrop Grumman is a member of that privileged group, the .01 percent (Brave New Foundation).

NATO orders five new drones worth $1.7bn

NATO orders five new drones worth $1.7bn  May 23, 2012    Updated 2 days ago   From Web Edition    TheNews WASHINGTON: Northrop Grumman Corp said on Sunday it had signed a $1.7 billion contract with NATO for a new surveillance and intelligence system that will include five high-altitude unmanned Global Hawk planes and transportable […]

US Plans for Nuclear Drones ‘On Hold’… For Now

US Plans for Nuclear Drones ‘On Hold’… For Now ‘Political realities’ hamstring attempt to bring ‘flying nuclear power plants’ to the skies Common Dreams staff    Monday, April 2, 2012      Common Dreams American scientists have drawn up plans for a new generation of nuclear-powered drones capable of flying over remote regions of the […]

One response to Responses to Kevin Zeese> Chris Hedges Examines the Strategy of Occupy Washington DC

One response to Responses to Kevin Zeese> Chris Hedges Examines the Strategy of Occupy Washington DC Kevin Zeese January 31, 2012 I agree that opposition to war and empire need to continue to be near the top of the agenda of the Occupy Movement. The Freedom Plaza occupation has been aggressive on that protesting at the Armed […]