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New Nuclear-Capable Bombers Coming Soon to a Location Near You

The new planes under development are capable of carrying an H bomb three times the size of the bomb the U.S. dropped on Hiroshima during WWII

Robert Sheer: The Terror America Wrought

Sheer: Like most of the others killed by the two American bombs, neither the children nor the adults had any role in Japan’s decision to go to war, but they were picked as the target instead of an isolated but fortified military base whose antiaircraft fire posed a higher risk. The target preferred by U.S. atomic scientists—a patch in the ocean or unpopulated terrain—was rejected, because the effect of hundreds of thousands of civilians dying would be all the more dramatic.

Polly Mann: On the Nuclear Watch     

Mann: Unseasonably high temperatures, which have increased in frequency in recent years due to global warning, have threatened to force showdowns of nuclear power reactors in Florida and Sweden in a growing trend that could soon put reactors in direct competition with local citizens for their right to fresh water.

John Zangas: U.S. Nuclear Weapons Upgrade Protested in DC

There are more than 16,000 nuclear weapons worldwide and over 150 Minute Men III silos exist in farm fields across the heartland with hundreds more housed on Air Force bases.

FOLDING FOR PEACE: How many uses can you think of for a crane?

A perfect project for Sunday School children, school classes, etc.

Joe Scarry: Unfinished Business in Chicago (Nuclear Disarmament, that is)

Read the Spring 2015 Call to Action and commit.  Find activists near you and organize! (See Peace Action affiliates and  Campaign Nonviolence coordinators).  By Joe Scarry  JoeScarryBlogspot  January 6, 2015 Several days after the 9/11 attacks in 2001, I returned from northern New Jersey to Chicago. I remember looking up at skyscrapers like the Sears Tower […]

NEEDED: Heroes to Bring About Nuclear Disarmament

Originally posted on Come Home America:
by Joe Scarry Is anybody else out there connecting these dots?For six years, we’ve been frustrated with Obama. (Hell, I even revoked his Nobel Peace prize!)But maybe he’s in a different place then he’s been up until now. Maybe he can do some things? Exhibit 1: For Obama,  More…

Scarry Thoughts: NEEDED: MESSENGERS – Americans Need to Hear the Awful Truth of Nuclear Devastation

The U.S. is one of two nations in the world with massive nuclear arsenals, and the U.S. arsenal needs to be eliminated if we are to escape nuclear devastation.    By Joe Scarry Saturday, December 6, 2014 NEEDED: MESSENGERS – Americans Need to Hear the Awful Truth of Nuclear Devastation Needed: MESSENGERS!   From Dec. […]