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Chris Hedges: Fascists In Our Midst

"Fascists achieve power by creating parallel institutions – schools, universities, media platforms and paramilitary forces – and seizing the organs of internal security and the judiciary. They deform the law, including electoral law, to serve their ends. They are rarely in the majority."

Chris Hedges: America: Land of Make-Believe

"The rhetoric we use to describe ourselves is so disconnected from reality that it has induced collective schizophrenia. America, as it is discussed in public forums by politicians, academics and the media, is a fantasy, a Disneyfied world of make-believe.

▶ Dick Gaughan – Think Again, from A Different Kind of Love Song

[youtube=http://youtu.be/G8F94Fces0A] Sunday Song, Bruce Gagnon's Organizing Notes  May 11, 2014 Published on Dec 29, 2012 Dick Gaughan - Think Again, from the album A Different Kind Of Love Song.       Subscribe or “Follow” us on RiseUpTimes.org. Rise Up Times is also on Facebook!  Check the Rise Up Times page for posts from this blog and more! “Like” More

Batman, The Joker, Nazis and the culture of violence in America

Batman, The Joker, Nazis and the culture of violence in America Life imitates art far more than art imitates life. —Oscar Wilde BY ED FELIEN    August 2012   Southside Pride Should we blame the Batman movies for the tragedy in Aurora? After murdering the people in the movie theater, James Holmes put his guns More

Chris Hedges> Northern Light

Northern Light by Chris Hedges    Posted on Jun 3, 2012    truthdig.com Photo by (CC-BY-ND) I gave a talk last week at Canada’s Wilfrid Laurier University to the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. Many in the audience had pinned small red squares of felt to their clothing. The carre rouge, or red square, has become the Canadian symbol of More

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