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NPR, the Pentagon, and U.S. Foreign Policy

While of dubious value, it is common practice at NPR to seek perspective on wrongdoing from the wrongdoers themselves.

The Empty Piety of the American Press by Chris Hedges

There is a long list of the censored. The acceptable range of opinion is so narrow it is almost nonexistent.

Ralph Nader | The Censorious Vortex Of The ‘Flash News’ Barons

[Nader] began to notice various citizen groups experiencing difficulty in getting “newstime” or “newsprint” because their subjects…

NPR Spins Trump’s ‘Restrained’ Foreign Policy–Ignoring Threats, Bans and Escalation

the wisdom of the CIA’s billion-dollar-a-year fueling of the Syrian conflict is never examined, nor is the decade-and-a-half-long occupation of Afghanistan.

Polly Mann | The Saudi Arabia Coalition at War in Yemen: Who Are the Terrorists?

Over a dozen U.S. lawmakers wrote to President Barack Obama expressing “dismay” over the Saudi-led war in Yemen, backed not just by U.S. arms but also U.S. military advisors.

FAIR: Some Things Considered, Mostly by White Men

From the article: A new FAIR study finds that NPR commentary is dominated by white men and almost never directly addresses political issues.

FAIR: Refusing to Take Sides, NPR Takes Sides With Torture Deniers

 This notion that the goal of journalism is to avoid “taking sides” is troubling; that’s how you get reporting that pretends it’s an open question [for example] whether or not humans are raising the temperature of the planet by putting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. By Jim Naureckas  FAIR.org  December 12, 2014 National Public Radio, […]

Mark Weisbrot: Mass Media Helps Keep Americans in the Dark About US Foreign Policy

Mass Media Helps Keep Americans in the Dark About US Foreign Policy By Mark Weisbrot 06 August 2013 The Guardian | Op-Ed  via truthout.org Juana Brito prays over the bodies of her father and an unidentified youth, both killed by Guatemalan soldiers in the civil war 30 years ago, as a team from the Guatemalan Forensic Anthropology Foundation […]

NPR> Simeone gets fired for demonstrating

NPR, Lisa Simeone and Biased Opera Reporting 10/20/2011 by Peter Hart   FAIR.org There’s quite a controversy brewing over freelance radio host Lisa Simeone for her participation with an activist group occupying a park in Washington, D.C. It’s a worth a look at how this unfolded– especially since it appears to have cost her one […]