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DN! “Humane”: Yale Historian Samuel Moyn on “How the United States Abandoned Peace and Reinvented War”

“…when Biden gave his two speeches the other week defending the pullout from Afghanistan, he made utterly clear that while giving up on failed counterinsurgency, he is turning to, and maybe will intensify himself, the real fruit of 9/11, which is kind of endless counterterror, no matter what the constraints of international law say, unless they require the drones to strike or the special forces to visit with care for the victims.”

The Unaccountable Nation, by Maj. Danny Sjursen

“The U.S. is a perfect candidate for an ICC war crimes investigation.”

Seymour Hersh: The Scene of the Crime

“I sent them a good boy and they made him a murderer.”

▶ VFP Chapter 27: Seven Stories I Wish They’d Tell About the War in Vietnam

A commemoration of the War in Vietnam begins this year to thank and honor veterans. While it is right to remember those who were asked to sacrifice, it is wrong to use it as cover to lie us into further wars.

John Tirman> Why Was No One Punished for America’s “My Lai” in Iraq?

Why Was No One Punished for America’s “My Lai” in Iraq? The U.S. military presence in Iraq was marked by the callous American attitude toward civilians, and the thorough lack of accountability in the military justice system. AlterNet / By John Tirman |  February 12, 2012    The plea bargain in the last Haditha massacre case handed down in January […]