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Living in the Shadow of Counterterrorism: Meet the Muslim Women Taking on the National Security State

Informants, paid and unpaid, played a critical role in at least half of these cases, the report found. High-ranking government officials like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) also used these cases for their own political gain, according to reports. Often, allegations of terrorism have prompted the arrests of Muslim Americans like the Duka brothers, based on wholly fabricated plots, trumped up by federal authorities eager to show they are combating “homegrown terrorism.”

Mnar Muhawesh | War, Media, Propaganda: Muslims As ‘Other’ — A Personal Narrative of Islamophobia

Muhawesh: Take the Iraq War, for example, which is many things to different people. If we look at Hollywood war porn propaganda movies like “American Sniper,” the Iraq War was a patriotic mission defending American freedoms and values. Even though the movie was released, 12 years after 9/11, the producers attempted to insult our intelligence by rewriting the U.S. destruction of Iraq by tying 9/11 to Saddam Hussein, to justify that war.

Zubeida Mustafa: How the Women of Pakistan Cope With War, Honor Killings and Prejudice

 The winds of change are now blowing. What the world hears today in the shape of horrendous stories of women being stoned to death, little girls being shot in the head for going to school and victimized women fighting back … are basically manifestations of women’s courage to challenge the misogynist reaction of those who fear […]

Sayantani DasGupta: White Saviors? The U.S. Military and Muslim Women

 With the U.S. military (supposedly) withdrawing from Afghanistan, Washington and the corporate media are, once again, expressing their concern for “saving” Muslim women from oppression.                                                             […]

CAIR to File Complaint Over MN Judge’s Questioning on ‘Sharia’

“It is misguided and unethical for a judge to reference an individual’s general support of mainstream Islamic principles, known as Sharia, during sentencing to determine a defendant’s future dangerousness,” said CAIR Staff Attorney Gadeir Abbas. “By also linking modest dress to a propensity for violence, the judge revealed a disturbing bias that may have impacted […]

MPR> 2 Minnesota women sentenced in Somali terror case

In this Aug. 5, 2010 file photo, Hawo Mohamed Hassan, left, and Amina Farah Ali, both of Rochester, Minn., leave the U.S. District Court after appearing at a hearing in St Paul, Minn. A jury on Thursday convicted the two women of funneling money to a terrorist group in Somalia. (AP Photo/Craig Lassig, File) by Brandt […]

Victoria Brittain> Shadow Lives: The Forgotten Women of the War on Terror

Tomgram: Victoria Brittain, Fighting a Global War of Terror “Here was the texture of a hidden war of continual harassment against a largely helpless population.  This was how some of the most vulnerable people in British society — often already traumatised refugees and torture survivors — were made permanent scapegoats for our post-9/11, and then […]

At the Pool, by Ifrah Jimale, Ask a Somali

At the pool BY IFRAH JIMALE, ASK A SOMALI September 06, 2011   Twin City Daily Planet Q: I have noticed many Somali families who use the facilities at the YMCA and most of the women wear head scarves or qamar, long shirts, and long skirts. I’ve wondered though about how they feel being surrounded by non-Muslims […]