#NoWar2016 | Protest at the Pentagon (Video)

Rev. Janice Sevre-Duszynska one of those arrested explained why she was at the Pentagon seeking a meeting today “The measure of a healthy society is how we treat the marginalized. How we can care for them in a just and humane manner when 56% of the federal budget goes to the Pentagon for its 800+ military bases and the killing?

Meredith Aby: No New Wars with Iraq and Syria

 President Obama has labeled ISIS “network of death” while ignoring the role the US has played in the Middle East and Afghanistan since 9/11. The US has used bombs, drone strikes, targeted assignations, and torture to terrorize the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia – to name just a few. One doesn’t have to More

The Wrong Occupation> Kathy Kelly

Kathy Kelly Co-coordinator, Voices for Creative Nonviolence The Wrong Occupation Posted: 10/20/11 05:22 PM ET  Huffington Post In Kabul, Afghanistan’s beleaguered capitol city, a young woman befriended me during December of 2010. She was eager to talk about her views, help us better understand the history of her country, and form lasting relationships. Now, she More

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