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Nygaard Notes> The Threat of Venezuela in the Propaganda System

 with Jeff Nygaard   #528 April 2, 2013 This Week: The Threat of Venezuela in the Propaganda System  “Quote” of the Week: “The Leading International Voice of Anti-imperialism”.  Chávez Versus The Empire  Chávez Versus The Empire: Six Initiatives  The Weak, The Strong, and The Threat of Chávez  Chávez Notes and Resources  Bonus “Quote” of the Week: “Amorphous”? Subscribe […]

Norman Solomon> Digital Grab: Corporate Power Has Seized the Internet

Digital Grab: Corporate Power Has Seized the Internet “We have a profound, far-reaching fight on our hands, at a crossroads leading toward democracy or corporate monopoly.” By Norman Solomon  March 27, 2013  NormanSolomon.com If your daily routine took you from one homegrown organic garden to another, bypassing vast fields choked with pesticides, you might feel […]

The Hottest Trend out of Hollywood: “War Sells!”

The Hottest Trend out of Hollywood: “War Sells!” In this day and age, “selling war” on the big screen has become a vastly lucrative enterprise, and business is booming By Global Research Global Research  February 28, 2013  GlobalResearch.ca This past week, television broadcasters worldwide have been particularly enthusiastic in celebrating a glorified image of war and […]

Noam Chomsky Compares Right-Wing Media to Nazi Germany

Posted from Reader Supported News Subscribe or “Follow” us on riseuptimes.wordpress.com. For the TC EVENTS calendar and the ACTIONS AND ACTION ALERTS click on the tab at the top of the page and click on the item of interest to view. WAMMToday is also on Facebook! Check the WAMMToday page for posts from this blog and more! “Like” our page […]

Robin Morgan> Sandy Hook> The Longest, Darkest Night of the Year

The Longest, Darkest Night of the Year “This happens regularly now. And still we can’t get gun control laws passed. But there’s an overlooked, inseparable reason for that.  Yes, this is about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.” By Robin Morgan | December 19, 2012  WMC.com Bushmaster semiautomatic .223 rifle This commentary on gun violence will be featured […]

Edward S. Herman> Great Paper. Great Propaganda Organ.

Great Paper. Great Propaganda Organ. By Edward S. Herman  Z Magazine   October 2012 On October 11, 2011, Paul Krugman asserted on his blog that he had the privilege of writing two columns a week for “the world’s greatest newspaper,” the New York Times (NYT). The NYT is surely an outstanding paper, with exceptionally wide scope, many good journalists on board […]

Glenn Greenwald> Journalism in the Obama age shows the real media bias

Journalism in the Obama age shows the real media bias A new Rolling Stone interview with the president shows subservience to power, not partisan favor, is what drives the press corps. Glenn Greenwald  guardian.co.uk, Friday 26 October 2012 08.37 EDT The Rolling Stone’s Douglas Brinkley, in a screen grab from CNN, speaks about his new interview with […]

Jack Swint> Is Mainstream Media Biting The Bullet For Homeland Security

Is Mainstream Media Biting The Bullet For Homeland Security By Jack Swint (about the author)  September 18, 2012  opednews.com According To Some Media…Recent Stories Exposing DHS Mass Purchase Of Bullets Is Nothing More Than Embellished & Salacious Conspiracy Theory There is no dispute that our government has been buying up large amounts of ammunition. Purchase […]

Gary Leupp> The Irrationality of the Case against Iran’s Nuclear Program

The Irrationality of the Case against Iran’s Nuclear Program “The Stupidest Idea I Ever Heard” by Gary Leupp / April 12th, 2012   Dissident Voice President Obama has informed the Iranians they have one “last chance” to avoid attack. They must suspend higher uranium enrichment, close down the Fordow enrichment facility, and “surrender” their stockpile […]

Tell your local media: Break the Silence on Bradley Manning

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T-Mobile likely to end attempt to block Verizon spectrum purchase

T-Mobile likely to end attempt to block Verizon spectrum purchase Spectrum and cash swap allay T-Mobile’s antitrust concerns. by Jon Brodkin – June 25 2012   arstechnica.com   Also check SavetheInternet.com Photo by Axel Schwenke When Verizon Wireless struck a deal to buy new spectrum for $3.6 billion, T-Mobile USA was the first to ask the government to block the sale. […]

Leonard Downie Jr.> Forty years after Watergate, investigative journalism is at risk

Forty years after Watergate, investigative journalism is at risk View Photo Gallery — Watergate scandal key players: Here are the most important figures from the biggest political scandal in American history. By Leonard Downie Jr., Published: June 7     Washington Post Investigative reporting in America did not begin with Watergate. But it became entrenched in American journalism — and has […]

Josh Stearns> Media Making as Participatory Democracy: Port Huron to OWS

 OCCUPY WALL STREET Media Making as Participatory Democracy: Port Huron to OWS One of the most important characteristics of the Occupy movement is the expanding universe of media makers –citizen journalists, livestreamers, artists and others. AlterNet / By Josh Stearns    May 10, 2012  | Photo Credit: OakFoSho  “If we appear to seek the unattainable, it has been said, then […]

Glenn Greenwald> “Militants”: media propaganda

“Militants”: media propaganda To avoid counting civilian deaths, Obama re-defined “militant” to mean “all military-age males in a strike zone” BY GLENN GREENWALD    MONDAY, MAY 28, 2012 11:32 PM CDT Salon.com  Virtually every time the U.S. fires a missile from a drone and ends the lives of Muslims,  American media outlets dutifully trumpet in headlines that the dead were ”militants” – even though those media outlets literally […]

Lindsay Byerstein> The Myth of the Fourth Estate?

The Myth of the Fourth Estate? BY LINDSAY BEYERSTEIN      April 10, 2012     In These Times Gregory Shaya has an essay on the Lapham’s Quarterly blog about what he calls the myth of the Fourth Estate. Therein, he rejects both the romantic assumption that an uncensored press is all we need for a free society and […]

Greg Palast> Cops beat our cameraman ZD Roberts

UPDATE: Cops beat our cameraman ZD Roberts Greg Palast    GregPalast.com      March 19, 2012   3:36 PM [New York Monday March 19]  Our photographer ZD Roberts was beaten by New York City cops with nightsticks while covering Occupy Wall Street’s attempt to re-take Zuccotti Park Saturday night. Zach yelled several times, “I’m PRESS! PRESS!” yet […]

Video> How to Reverse the Corporate Coup d’Etat> A Conversation with Lawrence Lessig and Chris Hedges

How to Reverse the Corporate Coup d’Etat A Conversation With Chris Hedges and Lawrence Lessig Monday 30 January 2012  TruthOut Chris Hedges and Lawrence Lessig, Yes! Magazine | Interview and Video  Protesters against Citizens United demonstrate outside the Sacramento Capitol, California, January 21, 2012. (Photo: Public Citizen) “We’ve undergone a corporate coup d’etat in slow motion. And it’s […]

Occupy Wall Street> NYPD attempt media blackout at Zuccotti Park | World news | guardian.co.uk

Occupy Wall Street: NYPD attempt media blackout at Zuccotti Park Journalists report aggressive treatment as media blocked from protest camp during surprise police raid Dominic Rushe in New York   guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 15 November 2011 11.25 EST Zuccotti Park after a police raid early Tuesday morning. Photograph: MANTEL/SIPA / Rex Features New York police attempted to […]

Media Arrested at Wall Street Protest!

Media Arrested at Wall Street Protest! By Mark Adams JD/MBA (about the author)   opednews.com Marissa Homes Arrested for Filming Arrests by Public Domain Image from YouTube Originally posted on the Daily Censored at this link, but updated with new information. Current reports indicate that up to 100 arrests have been made at the Wall Street protest.  Those […]

Has Sarah Palin been cleansed of the blood of the Gabrielle Giffords assassination attempt?

A reminder:  Sarah Palin and the Gabrielle Gifford assassination attempt by John Slade In March of 2010, the Sarah Palin political action committee ran several ads using this basic image – a map of the USA, with a number of targeting crosshairs, as you might see through a rifle scope, scattered across the map. The […]