Jillian York: More Surveillance Won’t Protect Free Speech

Let us resist attempts to use this tragic moment as an opportunity to advance law enforcement surveillance powers. Freedom of speech can only thrive when we also have the right to privacy. BY JILLIAN YORK  EFF.org  January 12, 2015 Following a terrorist attack, it is not uncommon to hear calls from politicians and government officials for More

Chase Madar: The Criminalization of Everyday Life

The Over-Policing of America Police Overkill Has Entered the DNA of Social Policy     By Chase Madar  December 8, 2013  tomdispatch.com Read Tom Dispatch editor Tom Engelhardt's introduction here. Xurble. Art from truthdig.com posting of this article.If all you’ve got is a hammer, then everything starts to look like a nail. And if police and More

Working on the Chain Gang: Prison Labor in 21st Century U.S> Suzan Koch

Working on the Chain Gang: Prison Labor in 21st Century U.S. Suzan Koch  WAMM Newsletter The true purpose of the burgeoning penal system is now well-documented—it is the exploitation of inmate labor for the profit of private corporations, which include weapons manufacturers among other industries. “Prison” by MW Private prison lobbies, legislative laws, the judiciary, More

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