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The world’s happiest people already have a Green New Deal, and they love it, by George Lakey

The Nordics [are] in the top tier of nations for equality because they adopted a radically different economic model…

Polly Mann: Idyllic Iceland

By Polly Mann  WAMM Newsletter Spring II 2014 I became interested in Iceland during World War II when the husband of a close friend was stationed at a military base near Reykjavik. (The U.S. maintained a military base and naval station in Iceland until 2006.) No American soldier could go into Reykjavik without written authority from […]

Truthdigger of the Week: Bradley Manning

Truthdigger of the Week: Bradley Manning By Alexander Reed Kelly  Posted on Mar 2, 2013  truthdig.com      “I believe[d] that the public release of these cables would not damage the United States,” Manning said.  AP/Patrick Semansky Thanks to last week’s Truthdigger of the Week, journalist Alexa O’Brien, the public has access to a complete rushed transcript of the statement Pfc. Bradley Manning […]