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Do Americans really care about war crimes? by Jared Keller

“So do war crimes matter to the average American? In the short term, it appears that war crimes and their related pardons are simply new battlegrounds in the ever-expansive culture war between left and right, liberals and conservatives, that seems to have enveloped modern politics rather than becoming matters of human dignity in their own right. And that’s a damn shame.”

John Tirman> Why Was No One Punished for America’s “My Lai” in Iraq?

Why Was No One Punished for America’s “My Lai” in Iraq? The U.S. military presence in Iraq was marked by the callous American attitude toward civilians, and the thorough lack of accountability in the military justice system. AlterNet / By John Tirman |  February 12, 2012    The plea bargain in the last Haditha massacre case handed down in January […]