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BAR Book Forum: Keisha Blain’s “Set the World on Fire,” by Roberto Sirvent

“It is impossible to understand, or even fully appreciate, how black women have shaped national and global politics today without knowing the larger history.” Roberto Sirvent, BAR Book Forum Editor  Black Agenda Report  May 23, 2018 Keisha Blain In this series, we ask acclaimed authors to answer five questions about their book. Today’s featured author […]

In Conversation with Henry Giroux (Video)

critical issues within Education, Culture and Society as applied to culture, politics, and resistance today.

Gently, gently on tippy toes we test the blood stained water of war . . .

Chris Hedges> The Globalization of Hollow Politics

The Globalization of Hollow Politics By Chris Hedges     23 April 2012     Truthdig | News Analysis via Truthout The offices of the French Socialist Party in the Cergy suburb of Paris, Feb. 24, 2012. Having witnessed the successful campaign of President Barack Obama, the Socialist party are back in France, using American models of canvassing […]