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Ralph Nader: Who Will Go After Trump’s Corporate Socialism?

The original doctrine of socialism meant government ownership of the means of production—heavy industries, railroads, banks, and the like. Nobody in national politics today is suggesting such a takeover. As one quipster put it, “How can Washington take ownership of the banks when the banks own Washington?” Consumer rights advocate and former presidential candidate Ralph […]

US Government-Funded News Network Ran a Hit Piece on Soros That Called Him a “Multimillionaire Jew”

The taxpayer-subsidized video portrays Soros as a threat to Latin American democracy. Featuring ominous music and images of street violence, the 15-minute video begins with the narration: “George Soros has his eye on Latin America.

Immigration Divides Europe and the German Left by Diana Johnstone

After causing a growing split between EU countries, the immigrant crisis is now threatening to bring down Merkel’s own Christian Democratic (CDU) government.

Traci Yoder | New Anti-Protesting Legislation: A Deeper Look

Civil liberties advocates are clearly questioning which individuals or interest groups are behind this wave of legislation all targeting mass protests and the right to dissent at the same moment.

Nobel Peace Laureates to Human Rights Watch: Close Your Revolving Door to U.S. Government

The leading human rights organization’s close ties to the U.S. government call its independence into question. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons alternet.org  May 12, 2014  The following letter was sent today to Human Rights Watch’s Kenneth Roth on behalf of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Adolfo Pérez Esquivel and Mairead Maguire; former UN Assistant Secretary General Hans […]

John Stauber> The Progressive Movement as PR Front

Paid to Lose The Progressive Movement as PR Front by JOHN STAUBER  WEEKEND EDITION MARCH 15-17, 2013  Counterpunch.org Editor’s Note:  This article should be read in conjunction with Chris Hedges “The Day That TV News Died” to understand the role of the corporate mainstream and progressive media. There is good news in the Boston Globe today for […]

Skelton> The Guardian> The Syrian opposition: who’s doing the talking?

The Syrian opposition: who’s doing the talking? The media have been too passive when it comes to Syrian opposition sources, without scrutinising their backgrounds and their political connections. Time for a closer look … Charlie Skelton   guardian.co.uk   Thursday 12 July 2012 10.48 EDT Click> Video> Inside Syria – Has the UN observer mission failed in Syria? The […]

Part VII: Thoughts on emotion, propaganda, racism−and room for hope/What Have We Wrought

What Have We Wrought: thoughts on freedom, taxes, capitalism and democracy Part VII:  Thoughts on emotion, propaganda, racism−and room for hope Recently I attended a workshop by Drew Westen, author of The Political Brain, an investigation into the role of emotion in determining the political life of the nation. In this exploration of words and their emotive power and […]