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US Deep State: Sabotaging Putin-Trump Ceasefire Agreement In Syria

The meeting between Trump and Putin at the G20 in Hamburg injects new hope into the complicated relationship between the United States and Russia. Only time can confirm whether there is any basis for this hope.

On Violent and Nonviolent Activism, the Media, Philando, and the G20 (and Charlottesville!)

Do we play into the hands of those who are moving us toward a totalitarian state by succumbing to the temptation to use violence in the streets like the neo-Nazi alt-right?

The G8 and NATO> The 1 % Threat to the World

The G8 and NATO: The 1 % Threat to the World By the Minnesota CANG8 Committee    WAMM Newsletter May 2012 The two most powerful organizations in the world—one that divides up the resources and the other the enforcer—roam the earth, stealing and killing with impunity. We cannot allow inaction to make us complicit in their […]

#OWS: The brand leaders cannot afford to ignore> Reporting from the G20

#OWS: The brand leaders cannot afford to ignore Paul Mason  Economics editor, Newsnight    November 3, 2011  BBC Cannes, France: I can sense very clearly here at Cannes that this is the moment “the masses” start shaping the policy response to the global financial crisis. OECD chief Angel Gurria says the protesters ‘have a point’ […]

Il Pleut. Greece has poured vinegar on the G20’s frites & Occupy Movement

Ill Pleut. Greece has poured vinegar on the G20’s frites. Paul Mason  Economics editor, Newsnight    November 3, 2011  BBC Mark the date: 3 November 2011. In Oakland, California, protesters – including workers – have blocked the operation of a major US port; in New York, one of the world’s top stockbrokers is bust; in Europe […]