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DN! “Julian Is Suffering”: Family of Assange and Chris Hedges in NYC on Assange

“The situation there is really dire, and Julian is suffering inside that prison.”

Whistleblowers: Plenary Panel with Daniel Ellsberg and Edward Snowden, moderated by Amy Goodman

Snowden talks about why he decided to whistleblow and how he landed in Moscow where he now lives. Ellsberg talks about the Pentagon Papers and along the way the courage and necessity of whistleblowers.

On The Mainstream Media Coverage of Nuclear War Risks and Nuclear Abolition

There has never been a referendum about the desirability of nuclear weapons in any of the countries – also not those who call themselves democracies – that have acquired nuclear weapons.

Craig Aaron and Malkia Cyril on Net Neutrality, Kyle Wiens on Copyright Overreaching | Counterspin

What does this mean for all of us who rely on an open internet?

Lawrence Davidson: How the US Propaganda System Works

Americans are told that other governments practice censorship and propaganda, but not their own. Yet, the reality is quite different with many reasonable viewpoints marginalized and deceptive spin put on much that comes from officialdom. . . . By Lawrence Davidson  ConsortiumNews.com   May 9, 2014 Many Americans assume the U.S. government speaks “the truth” to […]

▶ Moyers and Winship: Don’t Let Net Neutrality Become Another Broken Promise

Is Net Neutrality Dead?  Democracy loses if the Internet’s sold to the highest bidder — and that may be exactly what’s about to happen. Full Show: Is Net Neutrality Dead? May 2, 2014 For years, the government has upheld the principle of “Net neutrality,” the belief that everyone should have equal access to the web […]

McChesney and Nichols: Free the Media!

It’s time to get back to our roots—the grassroots—to fight for reform of an increasingly monopolistic and manipulative media. by John Nichols and Robert McChesney  Published on Friday, November 8, 2013 by The Nation  CommonDreams.org FFI:  freepress.net It’s time to get rid of corporate control of the Internet. (AP Photo/Amy Sancetta) When we helped form the national media-reform network Free Press, […]

Glenn Greenwald> How propaganda is disseminated: WikiLeaks Edition

On the eve of a new leak, widely trumpeted Pentagon accusations about the whistleblowing site have proven false Editor’s Note:  This article from 2010 is still relevant today as the propaganda machine is in full operation. Thanks to Coleen Rowley for calling it to WAMMToday’s attention. BY GLENN GREENWALD  SUNDAY, OCT 17, 2010  Salon.com **ADDS THAT AUTHORITIES […]

Chris Hedges> ‘We Steal Secrets’: State Agitprop

The persecution of Manning and Assange is not an isolated act. It is part of a terrifying assault against our most important civil liberties and a free press. Illustration by Mr. Fish By Chris Hedges  Posted on Jun 2, 2013  Truthdig.com Alex Gibney’s new film, “We Steal Secrets,” is about WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange. It dutifully peddles the […]

Marjorie Cohn interview> Drones and International Law

Tim Karr of Free Press  interviews Marjorie Cohn at the National Conference for Media Reform. marjoriecohn.com Subscribe or “Follow” us on WAMMToday.org. For the TC EVENTS calendar and the ACTIONS AND ACTION ALERTS click on the tab at the top of the page and click on the item of interest to view. WAMMToday is also on FACEBOOK! Check the […]

FCC database misses huge chunk of ads

FCC database misses huge chunk of ads In key battleground states, huge numbers of presidential ads are airing on TV stations that are not required to post to the Federal Communications Commission’s online political ad database, new data released by the Wesleyan Media Project shows. By Jake Harper Oct 03 2012 6:36 p.m. Political Ad Sluth  Sunlight Foundation […]

What is the Declaration of Internet Freedom? Why do we need internet freedom?

What is the Declaration of Internet Freedom? July 18, 2012  SavetheInternet.com Our responses to these frequently asked questions will give you some background about the movement to protect Internet freedom. You also might find it useful to print out this guide and share it with people who attend your event. Why do we need Internet […]

Joseph Torres> The People’s Media: Preventing Corporate Takeover of the Internet

The People’s Media: Preventing Corporate Takeover of the Internet Saturday 11 February 2012 via truthout.org by: Joseph Torres, Yes! Magazine | News Analysis NYTM Stop SOPA Rally, January 18, 2012. (Photo: mobius1ski) Public interest groups have waged a spirited campaign to prevent a corporate takeover of the Internet. AT&T spared no expense in 2011 when it sought government […]

Wikileaks Editorial: Global – Guardian journalist negligently disclosed Cablegate passwords

Global – Guardian journalist negligently disclosed Cablegate passwords 1 September 2011 WIKILEAKS EDITORIAL A Guardian journalist has negligently disclosed top secret WikiLeaks’ decryption passwords to hundreds of thousands of unredacted unpublished US diplomatic cables. Knowledge of the Guardian disclosure has spread privately over several months but reached critical mass last week. The unpublished WikiLeaks’ material […]