▶ Michael Ratner | Magna Carta at 800: A Promise Unfulfilled

As the world marks the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, Michael Ratner says the promised guarantees of liberty are unfulfilled as our elected leaders continue to flout the law through indefinite detentions in Guantanamo, illegal wars and imprisonment of millions. https://youtu.be/OFV5sG6NEJU TheRealNews   June 15, 2015 Media for the people!  Click here to help Rise Up More

Rick Perlstein> Why Occupy Needs to Start Making Demands> Rolling Stone

Supporters attend a news conference and rally in Zuccotti Park. (photo: Rolling Stone) Why Occupy Needs to Start Making Demands By Rick Perlstein, Rolling Stone 24 March 12  Reader Supported News  t’s Occupy Season again. In St. Louis on March 15, and in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park on St. Patrick’s Day, Occupy Wall Street activists returned to the More

Alice Walker> Democratic Womanism

Democratic Womanism: By Alice Walker January 2, 2012 - from her official website: http://alicewalkersgarden.com/2012/01/ Wangari Maathai: who remembered the beautiful bountifulness of her land before the colonial invaders laid waste to it and resolved to bring it back to health by planting trees.  Rest in Well Done; beloved sister of our clan. “Traditionally capable, as in: More

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