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Susu Jeffrey: We Speak for the 70 Percent

Photo: ridhamuslim.blogspot.com We Speak for the 70 Percent by Susu Jeffrey   We speak for the 70-percent. Our bodies are 70 percent water. The surface of the earth is 70 percent water. We are the water people on the water planet.   If you could wring out a rock you’d get water. Water is the […]

Fracking Opponents Create Sandstorms in Minnesota

First it was tea. Then it was salt. Now it’s sand. Anti-frac sand activist Steve Clemens being arrested. (Rise Up Times, originally published in the Winona Daily News) PopularResistance.org  February 18, 2014  Originally published on WagingNonviolence.org Successful nonviolent action often hinges on fusing the transcendent with the everyday. While it frames the struggle in visionary terms like […]

Bill McKibben and Mike Tidwell: A Big Fracking Lie

President Obama isn’t just not fixing climate change—he’s making it worse. By BILL MCKIBBEN and MIKE TIDWELL  Politico.org  January 21, 2014 If you want to know just how bad an idea it is for America to ship “fracked” natural gas to overseas markets, travel the 65 miles from the White House to a place called […]

Steve Clemens: Sand Frac Trial in Winona MN

When Law Becomes An Idol By Steve Clemens  Feb. 3, 2014  Minnonista Related Galleries> Photo Gallery: Frac Sand Protests (4/29/13)    Thirty-five people were arrested for trespassing during a large protest against frac sand Monday morning staged at two separate locations in Winona.  April 29, 2013 Day 1 of Frac Sand Trial in Winona, MN “I […]

▶ Truthout Interviews, Featuring William Rivers Pitt on the State of the Nation

By Ted Asregado  Truthout | Video Interview  02 February 2014  Truthout.org President Barack Obama enters the House Chamber of the Capitol Building to deliver the State of the Union address, Jan. 28, 2014. (Photo: Gabriella Demczuk / The New York Times) A politician who tries to please as many factions as he or she can often ends up […]

PopularResistance.Org: The Environment (Fracking, Shale, more), Iran, Pentagon Spending, more

Movement News and Resources PopularResistance.org  October 5, 2013 Debate: Strategy And Tactics In The Environmental Movement Climate & Capitalism published a statement by Chris Williams, an EcoSocialist, about strategies and tactics in the environmental movement. Then they published a response from Sasha Ross of Earth First! Journal, with a response from Williams. It is a […]