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Glenn Greenwald: Refusal to call Charleston shootings “terrorism” again shows it’s a meaningless propaganda term

Greenwald: But what I … don’t want is for non-Muslims to rest in their privileged nest, satisfied that the term and its accompanying abuses is only for that marginalized group. And what I especially don’t want is to have this glaring, damaging mythology persist that the term “terrorism” is some sort of objectively discernible, consistently applied designation of a particularly hideous kind of violence.

Margaret Sarfehjooy: Bad Chemistry, Toxic Horror, and Haunting Consequences

 The U.S. (and other countries) played a key role in Saddam’s chemical weapons program. As The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward reported in 1982, the CIA began giving Iraq intelligence which it used to “calibrate” its mustard gas attacks against Iranian troops. …my guide described the workshops and conferences the [Tehran] Peace Museum hosts on the […]

Charles McDermid> US ‘shock and audit’ over Iraq expenses

US ‘shock and audit’ over Iraq expenses Unsparing analysis of $60bn spent ‘rebuilding’ Iraq lays bare the waste trail that may lead all the way to Afghanistan. At least $8bn in Iraq reconstruction funds is still unaccounted for and presumed ‘wasted’, a report says [Reuters] Charles McDermid Last Modified: 27 Mar 2013  AlJazeera.com The final breakdown of […]

Dahr Jamil> Living with No Future: Iraq, 10 Years Later

Living with No Future  Iraq, 10 Years Later “[Iraq’s] social fabric has been all but shredded by nearly a decade of brutal occupation by the U.S. military and now by the rule of an Iraqi government rife with sectarian infighting.” By Dahr Jamail  March 26, 2013  TomDispatch.com Click here to read Nick Turse’s introduction to Jamil’s article. […]