Bombs for peace: NATO marks 65 year anniversary

NATO was long touted as a post-WWII body of collective security, though few on the wrong end of its bombing campaigns have felt any safer for it. Here are a few reasons why 65 years of NATO haven’t made the world a better place. Published time: April 04, 2014 05:36 Edited time: April 05, 2014 18:11 More

[Video] William Blum: The U.S. and World Domination

[vimeo w=500&h=281] William Blum, Peacestock 2013 from Bill Sorem Mr. Blum is perhaps the foremost documentarian of U.S. foreign policy ‘mishaps’ in the world. Leaving the State Department in 1967 over his opposition to the Vietnam war, Blum commenced researching and writing a series of ongoing critiques of America’s interventions throughout the world since More

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