VIDEO | Michael Hudson and Bill Black: A Greek Bailout Is Really a Bailout of Western Banks

U.S. political economists Michael Hudson and Bill Black tell The Real News Network that western financial institutions are keen to bail out Greece because if they didn’t, Greece’s existing creditors—other western financial institutions—would fail to recover money they previously lent to Greece.  ◊  July 1, 2015  ◊  The experts say the More

Drones and the EU: a ‘solution’ looking for a problem

BY AGUESTCONTRIBUTOR on 11/02/2014 • Drone Wars UK  Guest post by Ben Hayes and Chris Jones.  February 11, 2014 Today the Transnational Institute and Statewatch are jointly publishing a new report on the European Union and drones, entitled Eurodrones Inc.  Our report examines the considerable economic and political support given to the drone industry by the European Union, which has now reached a level at More

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