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12 Corporate Espionage Tactics Used Against Leading Progressive Groups, Activists and Whistleblowers

Corporate spies for Dow, Kraft and others have tried to discredit, shame and infiltrate civic groups using an array of dirty tricks. By Steven Rosenfeld  December 3, 2013  AlterNet  Posing as volunteers. Stealing documents. Dumpster diving. Planting electronic bugs. Hacking computers. Tapping phones and voicemail. Planting false information. Trailing family members. Threatening reporters. Hiring cops, CIA […]

Noam Chomsky> Somebody Else’s Atrocities

 Somebody Else’s Atrocities by Noam Chomsky  Published: Monday 4 June 2012   Nation of Change In the history of human rights, the worst atrocities are always committed by somebody else, never us – whoever “us” is.  In his penetrating study “Ideal Illusions: How the U.S. Government Co-Opted Human Rights,” international affairs scholar James Peck observes, […]