Fr. Harry Bury: Hanoi 1972

Bury: Marianne and I were to be a part of a larger delegation of peace activists. Our mission was to bring back to the United States three prisoners of war, Lieutenant Markham Gartley, Lieutenant Norris Charles, and Major Charles Elias. The three pilots had been shot down in an area controlled by the Pathet Lao and were to be released as a gesture of reconciliation.

Cartoon: Shooting Star (Isla Vista)

By Jen Sorensen  Daily Kos  June 3, 2014 To be clear, I have no problem with how the Isla Vista shootings have led to a discussion of misogynist hate groups and violence against women. That's an important conversation to have. What I'm criticizing is the folly of obsessing over details of a shooter's life and broadcasting More

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