No more presidents: protesting the Trump inauguration (Video)

The days of action surrounding the inauguration of Donald Trump marked a clear rejection of his administration and the global rise of right-wing populism. The inauguration of Donald Trump as president of the United States has unleashed a wave of anger across the country. Faced with the frightening prospect of an authoritarian right-wing More

How Will the Walls Come Tumbling Down> Diversity of Tactics vs Nonviolence in the Occupy Movement.

Video> Dialogue> Occupy Oakland Nonviolence vs Diversity of Tactics Positive Peace Warrior  Kazu Haga [youtube] Editor’s Note:  The video posted here is of the dialogue between the panelists after they have given their individual presentations.  Links to the individual presentations—all are worth listening to—are included below, as well as a link to the full program. Questions More

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