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▶ Bill Moyers: How Public Power Can Defeat Plutocrats

Lawrence Lessig and Zephyr Teachout return to talk about the corrupting influence of money in politics, and their push to change the system. Moyers & Company  November 21, 2014  Moyers & Company  November 21, 2014 Government has become a clearinghouse for corporations and plutocrats with deep pockets to buy the politicians who grease the wheels More

Mother Jones: How Dark Money Is Taking Over Judicial Elections

 Fewer than two dozen big players were behind nearly $72 million in campaign spending on supreme court races nationwide between 2000 and 2012. They included business heavyweights such as the US Chamber of Commerce and partisan groups focused on specific races in states like Michigan (where an estimated $13-$18 million was spent in 2011-12) . More

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