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GOD GIVEN LAND: Israel and the Americas, by Susu Jeffrey

“It is Difficult to Argue with God”

Susu Jeffrey | The War Against the Indians and Our Water

Two illegal construction projects currently threaten the flow to Coldwater Springs, an acknowledged Dakota sacred site.

Bruce White: Coldwater gatekeepers — a ten-year record of bias and predetermined decision-making about a Dakota place

Now that the news of John Anfinson’s appointment to the position of superintendent of the Mississippi National River and Recreation area has been confirmed, it is worth reviewing Anfinson’s career and this determined opposition to any claim by Dakota people about the traditional cultural importance of Coldwater Spring, a location now under Anfinson’s management. By […]

Steve Clemens> Anything to Celebrate on the Fourth of July?

Red, White, and Black: Imagining “Independence Day” as an Anti-colonialist Event by Steve Clemens. July 4, 2013  mennonista.blogspot.com My morning started this “Independence Day” listening to Amy Goodman and her Democracy Now! program recount the heroism of Daniel Ellsberg, Senator Mike Gravel, and the Unitarian publishing house, Beacon Press, in “blowing the whistle” and releasing the Pentagon […]