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Chris Hedges | How ‘Antifa’ Mirrors the ‘Alt-Right’

The corporate state welcomes this violence because violence is a language it can speak with a proficiency and ruthlessness that none of these groups can match.

Paul Street | How to Stop Capitalism’s Deadly War With Nature

It’s a hard to imagine a more terrible crime. Geocide is bigger than genocide.

Robert Jensen> The corporate media crisis: Everything old is new again

The corporate media crisis: Everything old is new again By Robert Jensen    03 April 2012     MWC News These days there’s one political point on which one can usually get consensus: Mainstream journalists are failing. In common parlance, most everyone ‘hates the media.’ But there is little agreement on why journalism might be inadequate to the task […]

The Citizens United Era: How the Supreme Court Continues to Put Business First> Take Action

The Citizens United Era: How the Supreme Court Continues to Put Business First PFAW.org  A new People For the American Way Foundation report examines how the Supreme Court’s conservative majority is working to reshape our Constitution and elevate corporate interests above the rights of individual Americans. Beginning with the 2010 decision in Citizens United v. FEC, the Roberts […]

Malkia Cyril, Center for Media Justice, on corporate power vs. the people–we need a new kind of merger . . .

I need you, I need you, I need freedom . . . We sit at the door of an incredible opportunity . . . Executive Director of the Center for Media Justice Malkia Cyril spoke at the National Conference for Media Reform in Boston on April 8, 2011. The conference was presented by Free Press. […]