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Nuclear Disarmament: Are the Churches the Key?

[Come Home America] came back from the Peace and Planet conference last weekend in New York City with several big takeaways. By comehomeamerica  May 5, 2015 Representatives of Zenkyo (All-Japan Federation of Teachers’ and Staff Unions) and Gensuikyo (Japan Council Against the Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs) with their banners at the Peace and Planet rally […]

“Honor the Dead, Heal the Wounded, Stop the Wars”> Come Home America & Democracy Now!

Democracy Now! Special on Memorial Day and thoughts on Memorial Day by Thomas Knapp of Come Home America Another Memorial Day in This Endless War By Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan In a remarkable but little-noticed oversight hearing last week, the Senate Armed Services Committee looked at “The Law of Armed Conflict, the Use of […]

Minneapolis Message to Obama Was Clear: Bring the War $$ Home, by Coleen Rowley

Minneapolis Message to Obama Was Clear: Bring the War $$ Home Posted: 9/1/11 01:02 PM ET by WAMM Board Member Coleen Rowley         HuffingtonPost As usual, most of the mainstream media did not do a very good job reporting on Obama’s August 30speech in Minneapolis nor on the protest outside the National Convention […]

Coleen Rowley: “Come Home America” Message Was Clear Winner at Iowa Straw Poll

Coleen Rowley, Former FBI Special Agent “Come Home America” Message Was Clear Winner at Iowa Straw Poll Posted: 8/15/11 10:08 AM ET   Huffington Post The Des Moines news reporter who noted our anti-war message at the entrance of Saturday’s Republican Straw Poll in Ames, Iowa, did not stay around long enough to see the […]

Is a Broader Peace Movement Finally Here? Come Home, America, a request from Coleen Rowley

I’m one of the original endorsers of this Come Home, America letter and which picked up 110 press release placements! Seems to be what we’ve been saying about putting these important issues ahead of loyalty to political parties and individual politicians. You’ll recognize some other Minnesota names too! Please considering signing on and sharing with […]