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Peace on Earth. And in Colombia? by Meredith Aby Keirstead

The following is the writer’s interview with James Jordan about the situation on the ground in Colombia.  Jordan leads human rights delegations to Colombia regularly and organizes the Alliance for Global Justice’s labor solidarity campaigns.   This is an intro updating info and preceding Meredith’s intro and interview. As Latin American countries struggle to maintain their […]

Latin America, Update: Venezuela, Mexico, Fascism/US Foreign Policy, Nicaragua

Several articles are included. Access the full articles by clicking on the title. ‎Women Against Military Madness (WAMM)‎: Protest NPR and MPR coverage of Venezuela  (Facebook Link) Take Action!  From the Anti-War Committee ***Call in this Week to Protest NPR and MPR coverage of Venezuela (cosponsored by WAMM and the Anti-War Committee) Please contact Nancy Cassutt, Executive […]

Meredith Aby-Keirstead | Peace in Colombia: Is it Near?

The Colombian peace accords are important because they guarantee land reform, so the nearly 6 million rural people displaced by the U.S.-sponsored war can return to their farms and lives. The accords matter because they guarantee with UN backing that trade unionists, community organizers, and Leftist political candidates will not be murdered by the Colombian military or their death squads.

Kevin Gosztola: Undercover FBI Agent Tried to Get Activists to Send Money to PFLP, a US-Designated Terrorist Organization

By Kevin Gosztola  Dissenter, FireDogLake.org  February 28, 2014 Graphic made by activists targeted in FBI raids to raise awareness around their case. (from StopFBI.net) Alleged evidence the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) used to obtain search warrants for raids on the homes of antiwar and international solidarity activists in the midwestern United States were unsealed. The […]

Documents for raids on anti-war activists unsealed!

For Immediate Release: Documents for raids on anti-war activists unsealed Reveal McCarthyite attack on free speech, right to organize FFI: Jess Sundin 612-272-2209  www.stopfbi.net Link to unsealed documents: http://www.stopfbi.net/sites/default/files/Search%20Warrant%20Files%20Part%20I%20r.pdf On Feb. 26, the application and affidavit used to obtain the search warrants for the 2010 raids on homes and offices of anti-war and international solidarity […]

Dana Priest: Covert action in Colombia

U.S. intelligence, GPS bomb kits help Latin American nation cripple rebel forces    Above: A Colombian Air Force member cleans an A-29 Super Tucano, a turboprop aircraft typically involved in strikes on FARC targets. (Raul Arboleda/AFP via Getty Images)    By Dana Priest  Published on December 21, 2013  Washington Post Graphics by Alberto Cuadra, Cristina Rivero, Gene Thorp The 50-year-old […]

Emmanuel Ortiz: Before I Start This Poem

“A time has come when silence is betrayal. That time is now.”  MLK  Before I Start This Poem by Emmanuel Ortiz Before I start this poem, I’d like to ask you to join me in a moment of silence in honour of those who died in the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon last September 11th. […]

James Petras> Colombia’s Quest for Peace and Justice: The International and National Context

Colombia’s Quest for Peace and Justice: The International and National Context by James Petras   February 28, 2012    Global Research Introduction Between April 21 -23, the National Patriotic Council will convoke thousands of activists from most of the major urban and rural social movements and trade unions, human rights groups and indigenous , afro-colombian movements, […]

Dan Kovalik> American Shame in Colombia

The US is Supporting Egregious Human Rights Abuses American Shame in Colombia by DAN KOVALIK   January 25, 2012   Counterpunch As Noam Chomsky has often cautioned, when considering foreign relations, and especially military intervention, states should always heed the primary Hippocratic oath – “First, do no harm.”   The U.S. has certainly disregarded this admonition […]

Poster> Witch Hunt

Video> Kucinich> The FACTS on the Trade Agreements> More Loss of Jobs

The FACTS on Trade Agreements Con­gress­man Den­nis Kucinich (D-OH), who was named an ‘Amer­i­can Jobs Hero’ for his lead­er­ship chal­leng­ing free trade agree­ments and other de­struc­tive trade poli­cies, today re­leased the fol­low­ing video out­lin­ing the facts con­cern­ing the Korea, Colom­bia and Panama free trade agree­ments the House is vot­ing on today and their im­pact on […]

Women War & Peace, coming up on PBS

Women War & Peace, coming up on PBS From Veterans for Peace Chapter 27 Twin Cities area, Minnesota <vfpchapter27@gmail.com> http://www.pbs.org/wnet/women-war-and-peace/ PBS is having a 5 part series on Women War & Peace, women’s strategic role in conflict & peace building-from Columbia to Bosnia, Afghanistan to Liberia.  I wonder what they will say about the US!!!! […]

Parts IV, Media and Propaganda and Part V, Crying Wolf? of What Have We Wrought:

What Have We Wrought: thoughts on freedom, taxes, capitalism and democracy Part IV:  Media and Propaganda With a mainstream corporate media that is bought and sold by the likes of Rupert Murdoch, with Clear Channel’s and other right-wing owners control of local radio around the country, how do we reach these relatives and neighbors? Every […]

Colombia: Women in the Crossfire

Colombia: Women in the Crossfire June 14, 2011 By Diane Lefer  LAProgressive Colombian Conflict: Three Young Women in the Crossfire “When I was three years old, the army bombed my village,” the girl told me. She was sixteen, which meant the bombing happened in 1998. “You’re from Santo Domingo?” I had protested that very bombing in demonstrations […]

Colombia: Women Treated as Spoils of War in Colombia

Women Treated as Spoils of War in Colombia Date: April 12, 2011 Colombian NGOs have condemned the “high level” of violence against black, indigenous and poor women in a country where the female body has become a “battleground”, W Radio reported Friday. This was the message from the first presentation of the Support and Defense […]