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Robert Hunziker: Revolutions Start in the Streets!

“The target of this continent-wide discontent is neoliberalism’s self-serving paternalistic policies of privatization, reduced government, and dependence upon the “free market” as the arbiter of socio-economic justice but it’s turning sour because so few attain millions at the direst expense of way too many.”

From activism to arrest: one polar bear’s adventures with Flood Wall Street

Among the dozens of protesters arrested in New York on Monday, a polar bear befriended grizzled activists and broke through barricades. This is his journey.

To Fight the Unpredictable Effects of Climate Change, We Need an Unpredictable Movement

Report on Flood Wall Street Direct Action …while marches are important and necessary, mass organized political chaos in the streets is more likely to destabilize the status quo, bringing forth a new social equilibrium. By ARUN GUPTA  Counterpunch.org  SEPTEMBER 23, 2014 New York City. In April 1990 I helped organize the Earth Day Shut Down […]

Chris Hedges: The Last Gasp of Climate Change Liberals

Kevin Zeese: “We need to highlight the fact that the United Nations has sold out to corporate interests. At U.N. meetings on climate change you see corporate logos on display.” By Chris Hedges  truthdig.com  September 1, 2014   President Obama wipes perspiration from his face as he speaks about climate change at Georgetown University in […]