▶ John Tirman on Civilian Causalities • Henry A. Wallace National Security Forum

When the United States attacks another country whether through all-out invasion, or so-called precision drone strikes, there is an always collateral damage. Let’s call it what it is, civilian causalities. How do we convince the world we’re trying to help, when we kill so many people in our military operations? https://youtu.be/W1w2RboHX-0 Media for the people!  Click More

The Guardian: UN report calls for independent investigations of drone attacks

Special rapporteur on human rights says states have obligation to launch inquiries into attacks that kill civilians Ewen MacAskill and Owen Bowcott   theguardian.com   10 March 2014 A US drone in Kandahar. The report found that drone attacks in Afghanistan no longer caused fewer civilian casualties than other air strikes. Photograph: Massoud Hossaini/AFP/Getty Images A report by the United Nations Human More

Robert Dreyfus and Nick Turse: America’s Afghan Victims

Even among staunchly antiwar politicians and pundits, few bother to mention the cost of the war to civilians. BY ROBERT DREYFUSS AND NICK TURSE  SEPTEMBER 19, 2013 THE NATION See this story at its source » Afghans in Narang district mourn the death of civilians killed in Eastern Kunar, December 27, 2009.  RAWA/WIMIMEDIA COMMONS When an American soldier dies in Afghanistan, More

William Rivers Pitt> The Finger of Fate Upon You

The Finger of Fate Upon You Friday, 23 March 2012 11:06By William Rivers Pitt, Truthout | Op-Ed A protester during a rally of Occupy Wall Street demonstrators in New York, March 17, 2012. (Photo: Robert Stolarik / The New York Times) Then the morning came when I opened my eyes and felt the finger of Fate upon More

Glenn Greenwald> U.S. drones targeting rescuers and mourners

U.S. drones targeting rescuers and mourners BY GLENN GREENWALD   SUNDAY, FEB 5, 2012    Salon.com Images from a Predator B unmanned aircraft are seen on a monitored at the Naval Air Station, in November, in Corpus Christi, Texas.  (Credit: AP) (updated below – Update II – Update III) On December 30 of last year, ABC News reported on a More

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