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Rebecca Gordon | The Trojan Drone: An Illegal Military Strategy Disguised as Technological Advance

Tomgram: Rebecca Gordon, How Extrajudicial Executions Became “War” Policy in Washington Posted by Rebecca Gordon Tom Dispatch  July 17, 2016 Introduction by Tom Engelhardt of Tom Dispatch Strangely, amid the spike in racial tensions after the killing of two black men by police in Louisiana and Minnesota, and of five white police officers by a black […]

Chris Woods> Surprise: US Drones Kill Civilians, Provoke Hatred

Surprise: US Drones Kill Civilians, Provoke Hatred  A number of those eyewitnesses corroborated the Bureau’s own recent findings – that rescuers have been deliberately targeted by the CIA in the tribal areas. Wed Sep 26 2012 Posted by By Juan from Informed Comment Chris Woods writes at the Bureau of Investigative Journalism: Men, women and children are […]