Fr. Harry Bury: Hanoi 1972

Bury: Marianne and I were to be a part of a larger delegation of peace activists. Our mission was to bring back to the United States three prisoners of war, Lieutenant Markham Gartley, Lieutenant Norris Charles, and Major Charles Elias. The three pilots had been shot down in an area controlled by the Pathet Lao and were to be released as a gesture of reconciliation.

Carol Masters: Land Mines

This area was a hot spot for both manufacturing of the weapons and protests against them. A group of protesters in front of the Alliant Tech plant in Hopkins. Photo: BRIAN PETERSON • Star Tribune file 1996. Star/Tribune  July 3, 2014 Thank you for the June 28 article on the tiny steps the Obama administration is taking to More

Carol Masters> A Common Thread

A Common Thread By Carol Masters   WAMM Newsletter    February 2012 But until the occcupation of Wall Street, we had not yet been able to define ourselves as belonging to a collective group with shared interests; shared interests that cross religious, ethnic, and political lines. The proverbial cat was out of the bag, and More

Carol Masters> Playing at War

Playing at War Carol Masters    Originally published March 2010    WAMM Newsletter From Target’s toy catalog “Gifts that inspire good behavior… toys for boys”: Nerf-n-Strike Vulcan Blaster (semi-automatic dart gun with ammo belt); Lazer Tag Battle System and Spider Man Web Blaster (also semi-automatic simulations that shoot some sort of projectiles); Star Wars Clone More

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