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(Video) Live from the Bradley Manning Trial with Alexa O’Brien

 ForbiddenKnowledgeTV· Published on Jul 13, 2013 Alexa O’Brien is a crowd-funded independent journalist who has taken it upon herself to be the unofficial court stenographer of the Bradley Manning trial. Her website has become a valuable resource for those seeking to know more about the proceedings of this trial. Although the Fort Meade hearings are open […]

Glenn Greenwald> This Week in Press Freedoms and Privacy Rights

The travesty calling itself “the Bradley Manning court-martial”, the kangaroo tribunal calling itself “the FISA court”, and the emptiness of what the Obama DOJ calls “your constitutional rights”. By Glenn Greenwald.  Published on Saturday, July 20, 2013 by the Guardian/UK. A military judge this week refused to dismiss the most serious charge against Bradley Manning. (Patrick Semansky/AP) I’m […]

(Video) Is truth the enemy?

Editor’s Note:  I am not sure that I agree with the premise presented by the videomaker that the “Snowden thing” was planned deliberately as a distraction from Bradley Manning.  However, it is true that Snowden’s revealing of NSA spying as a fact and the extent of the spying has proved somewhat of a distraction from […]

David Swanson> Bradley Manning Wins Peace Prize

A petition supporting Manning for the Nobel Peace Prize has gathered 88,000 signatures, many of them with comments, and is aiming for 100,000 before delivering it to the Norwegian Nobel Committee in Oslo.  Anyone can sign and add their comments at ManningNobel.org David Swanson  July 19, 2013  TheRealNews.com By David Swanson. This article was first published on […]

Rebecca Solnit> Prometheus Among the Cannibals

I fear you may pay, if not with your death, with your life—with a life that can have no conventional outcome anytime soon, if ever. “Truth is coming, and it cannot be stopped,” you told us, and they are trying to stop you instead. By Rebecca Solnit  Posted on Jul 18, 2013  TomDispatch.com via Truthdig.net castigated_fish (CC BY-SA […]

Popular Resistance Newsletter> MIA: Rule of Law

Democracy movements are growing globally and taking hold within the US. More communities are embracing organization from the ground up that is based on community and human rights. By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese July 12th, 2013  www.popularresistance This week, several rulings on high profile, and not so high profile but also important, cases are expected.  We […]

Norman Solomon> Denouncing NSA Surveillance Isn’t Enough—We Need the Power to Stop It

“In the long run, denunciations of the surveillance state will mean little unless we can build the political capacity to end it.” by Norman Solomon  Published on Wednesday, July 10, 2013 by Common Dreams (Photo: David Burnett/Contact Press Images) For more than a month, outrage has been profuse in response to news about NSA surveillance and other evidence […]

Glenn Greenwald> James Clapper, EU play-acting, and political priorities

Fixations on denouncing Edward Snowden distract, by design, from the serious transgressions of those who are far more powerful By Glenn Greenwald  July 3, 2013  The Guardian National intelligence director James Clapper: under fire. Photograph: J. Scott Applewhite/AP The NSA revelations continue to expose far more than just the ongoing operations of that sprawling and unaccountable spying […]

Tomgram> The Dictionary of the Global War on You (GWOY): Definitions for a New Age

Tomgram: Engelhardt, The OED* of the National Security State Posted by Tom Engelhardt at 8:22am, July 2, 2013  tomdispatch.com [Note for TomDispatch readers: After reading today’s piece, feel free to email us your own definitions for the post-9/11 era or put them on TD’s Facebook page. The next TD piece will be posted on Sunday, July 7th. Tom] The […]

Kathy Kelly> From Afghanistan, thank you Bradley Manning! & An appeal from Afghanistan to whistle-blow on war

Here are two items from the Afghan Peace Volunteers in Kabul.  Access to internet is sporadic there, so I wanted to send these items out on their behalf.    —Kathy Kathy Kelly   June 18, 2013  From Dr. Hakim and the Afghan Peace Volunteers Recognition that 95 million human beings were killed in World War […]

[Video] Robert Scheer> Praise the Whistleblower-Privacy, Freedom and the Surveillance State

 allsaintspasadena1 Published on Jun 23, 2013 Robert Scheer in the All Saints Church Rector’s Forum — connecting the dots between the Founders, Daniel Ellsberg, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden. Subscribe or “Follow” us on WAMMToday.org. For the TC EVENTS calendar and the ACTIONS AND ACTION ALERTS click on the tab at the top of the page and click on […]

John Pilger> Understanding The Latest Leaks Is Understanding The Rise Of A New Fascism

Snowden’s revelation that Washington has used Google, Facebook, Apple and other giants of consumer technology to spy on almost everyone, is further evidence of a modern form of fascism — that is the “abyss”. Having nurtured old-fashioned fascists around the world – from Latin America to Africa and Indonesia – the genie has risen at […]

Chase Madar> How Dystopian Secrecy Contributes to Clueless Wars

“Al-Qaeda remains a simmering menace, but as an organization hardly the greatest threat to the United States.  In fact, if you measure national security in blood and money, as many of us still do, by far the greatest threat to the United States over the past dozen years has been our own clueless foreign policy.” […]

Chris Hedges> The Judicial Lynching of Bradley Manning & Is Edward Snowden a Hero? A Debate With Journalist Chris Hedges & Law Scholar Geoffrey Stone [Video]

The Judicial Lynching of Bradley Manning by Chris Hedges  June 9, 2013  truthdig.com Army Pfc. Bradley Manning is escorted out of a courthouse at Fort Meade, Md., on Wednesday after the third day of his court-martial. AP/Patrick Semansky FORT MEADE, Md.—The military trial of Bradley Manning is a judicial lynching. The government has effectively muzzled the defense team. […]

Julian Assange: Media’s Failure To Defend Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks Emboldened DOJ

Assange said that the decision to charge Manning with aiding the enemy — a charge that the Army private is now fighting in a military court trial — should be a “wake-up call” to the U.S. media. Ryan Grim  Huffington Post.com Posted: 06/04/2013 7:38 am EDT  |  Updated: 06/04/2013 1:02 pm EDT Click here for the video link. WASHINGTON — The […]

Video> Manning exposed myriad of criminal activity by US government: Scott Rickard

Press TV has conducted an interview with Interview with Scott Rickard, former American intelligence linguist, Florida, about the upcoming trial of US army whistleblower Private Bradley Manning and the thousands of protesters who see Manning as a hero that exposed hidden US war crimes. The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.  Press TV: First […]

Video> FAIR TV: Bradley Manning, Afghan Atrocity, David Gregory’s Phony Gotcha

 fairreporting Published June 7, 2013

Amy Goodman> President Obama Uses a Sledgehammer Against Dissent

From Jeremy Hammond to Bradley Manning and the AP, Obama’s ‘assault on journalism’ is a threat to our democracy by Amy Goodman  Published on Friday, May 31, 2013  The Guardian/UK One cyberactivist’s federal case wrapped up this week, and another’s is set to begin. Although these two young men, Jeremy Hammond and Bradley Manning, are the two who […]

Norman Solomon> Bradley Manning Is Guilty of “Aiding the Enemy”—If the Enemy Is Democracy

Of all the charges against Bradley Manning, the most pernicious—and revealing—is “aiding the enemy.” by Norman Solomon  Published on Wednesday, June 5, 2013 by Common Dreams Pfc. Bradley Manning (Portrait by Robert Shetterly) A blogger at The New Yorker, Amy Davidson, raised a pair of big questions that now loom over the courtroom at Fort Meade and over the […]

Chris Hedges> ‘We Steal Secrets’: State Agitprop

The persecution of Manning and Assange is not an isolated act. It is part of a terrifying assault against our most important civil liberties and a free press. Illustration by Mr. Fish By Chris Hedges  Posted on Jun 2, 2013  Truthdig.com Alex Gibney’s new film, “We Steal Secrets,” is about WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange. It dutifully peddles the […]