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Blowback: How U.S. Drones, Coups and Invasions Just Create More Violence

FOR EVERY ACTION, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Sir Isaac Newton called it his Third Law of Motion. The CIA calls it “blowback.”

[Video] Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer on the Culture of War and National Security State

Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer speaking at Peacestock 2013 from Bill Sorem PLUS 1 week ago Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer is Associate Professor of Justice and Peace Studies at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota. Jack is a graduate of St. Olaf College where he majored in Political Science. He did his theological training at Union Theological Seminary in New York City […]

Nygaard Notes Independent Periodic News and Analysis> Iran, Afghanistan, and Climate

Nygaard Notes #496 Editor’s Note:  This is the first post of Nygaard Notes, which will be featured regularly on WAMMToday. Nygaard Notes Independent Periodic News and Analysis Number 496, December 8, 2011 On the Web at http://www.nygaardnotes.org/ ****** This Week: Iran, Afghanistan, and Climate 1.  “Quote” of the Week 2.  Global Climate Crisis: “We Can Try to […]