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Pete Dolack | Eight People Own as Much as Half the World

Standard economic ideology insists that the real problem is that wages have not fallen enough!

Your Vote: Raped and Pillaged – OEN Interviews Greg Palast

Add it up and the total grows to no fewer than 5,901,814 legitimate votes and voters tossed out of the count.

Clifford J. Tasner> Bring on the Drones

Bring on the Drones By Clifford J. Tasner     L.A. Progressive Posted on WAMMToday April 22, 2012 Felonius Ax here reporting from the utterly exclusive world of the Billionaires: We’re hearing a lot of exciting news about what a great job predator drones are doing in expanding even more of our ever-expanding War On Terror.  It’s our […]

“Billionaries” Find Unrest Among Their Subjects: “Action is the Antidote to Despair”

“Action is the Antidote to Despair” The “Billionaires” note that people on the street are noticeably angrier with the current state of affairs. WAMM (Women Against Military Madness) has been interviewing people all summer at Nicollet Mall on Farmers’ Market Thursdays. We weren’t able to get video of all the people who are furious with […]

‪WAMM Video Featured: Anger Over Failure To Tax Rich‬‏ Fairly

Anger Over Failure To Tax Rich Fairly Uploaded by UpTakeVideo on Jul 16, 2011  Posted on TCDailyPlanet.net BY MICHAEL MCINTEE, THE UPTAKE July 17, 2011 A street theater troupe pretending to be “Billionaires” elicited the reaction they wanted from a lunch crowd in downtown Minneapolis: anger at Minnesota politicians’ refusal to tax rich people at the […]

WAMM Billionaires Celebrate in Govt Center

The WAMM Troupe acting as Billionaires celebrated no new taxes for millionaires at the Hennepin County Government Center.

Video: Billionaires Told Off!!!

Billionaires Told Off!!! WAMM “Billionaires” met this remarkable women when we were talking with passersby in downtown Minneapolis. WAMM (Women Against Military Madness) members were satirizing the outrageous situation where the Legislature had shut down the state government rather than modestly raise the taxes of the wealthiest.

Video: Billionaires visit the Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis

Billionaires try to celebrate Minnesota shutdown and their low tax The Minnesota shutdown goes on.  Members of the WAMM Peace Troupe visit with people on the street during the Farmers Market on Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis.


Polly says this is a draft, and she would like some feedback.  Email her at pkellogg@stcloudstate.edu WHY IS IT EASIER TO POINT A FINGER AT A TEACHER THAN A BILLIONAIRE? Teachers do the most important job in our society. Let’s get real. Who among us could teach 5 classes of 25 youngsters 5 days a […]