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Guns and Liberty, by Chris Hedges

The gun culture permits a dispossessed public, sheared of economic and political power, to buy a firearm and revel in feelings of omnipotence.

Tomgram: Nick Turse, Victory in Our Time (The U.S. Military is Winning. No, Really, It Is!)

Expressed differently, the United States has not won a major conflict since 1945; has a trillion-dollar national security budget; has had 17 military commanders in the last 17 years in Afghanistan, a country plagued by 23,744 “security incidents” (the most ever recorded) in 2017 alone; has spent around $3 trillion, primarily on that war and the rest of the war on terror…

Minneapolis Message to Obama Was Clear: Bring the War $$ Home, by Coleen Rowley

Minneapolis Message to Obama Was Clear: Bring the War $$ Home Posted: 9/1/11 01:02 PM ET by WAMM Board Member Coleen Rowley         HuffingtonPost As usual, most of the mainstream media did not do a very good job reporting on Obama’s August 30speech in Minneapolis nor on the protest outside the National Convention […]

War policies fire up Obama protesters | StarTribune.com

War policies fire up Obama protesters Article by: RANDY FURST , Star Tribune Updated: August 30, 2011 – 9:51 PM Many of the 200 outside president’s speech say they once supported him but now are disillusioned by events. President Obama was greeted at the Minneapolis Convention Center on Tuesday by about 200 mostly war protesters […]