Marie Braun and Mary Beaudoin> Shaymaa’s Story, Continued

Update: Shaymaa’s Story Continued By Marie Braun and Mary Beaudoin   WAMM Newsletter   March 2012  The end of the Iraq war occasioned few reflections on the scale of destruction we have wrought there. As is our habit, the discussion focused on the costs to America in blood and treasure, the false premises of war More

Richard Schiffman> How the Media Doesn’t Give Peace a Chance

How the Media Doesn't Give Peace a Chance By Richard Schiffman (about the author)   March 20, 2012   Peace in Action! by Who can forget Judith Miller, the New York Times reporter whose stories, claiming falsely that Iraq had developed weapons of mass destruction, were used by the Bush administration as a pretext for invading that country in 2003 More

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