Chris Hedges: A Haven From the Animal Holocaust

Hedges: Only in the insanity of corporate America can nonviolent animal rights activists be charged as terrorists while a white supremacist who gunned down African-Americans in a South Carolina church is charged on criminal counts.

Chris Hedges: Choosing Life

 The normal life span of a cow is 20 to 25 years. The life span of a cow on a dairy farm, one whose reproductive system is often speeded up through administering hormones such as estrogen and prostaglandin, is five to seven years. By Chris Hedges  April 19, 2015 AP / Carrie Antlfinger MINISINK, More

▶ The Pentagon is preparing for societal collapse due to Climate Change

Nafeez Ahmed reports that "NSA Prism is motivated in part by fears that environmentally-linked disasters could spur anti-government activism". By Pakalolo   Daily Kos   August 11, 2014 Most of us on this site are well aware that climate change impacts will exacerbate marginal living in poor and desperate nations particularly those in Africa, South Asia and the More

Alex Kirby: Climate Puts U.S. at Risk of Multibillion Dollar Bill

 LONDON—The sheer economic cost of climate change to Americans could be far greater than many realise, an influential study says. Overheated economy: U.S. crops such as cotton face a 20 percent drop in yield. Photo by Wars via Wikimedia Commons By Alex Kirby, Climate News Network This piece first appeared at Climate News Network.  June More

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