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Walt Whitman: When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d

They themselves were fully at rest, they suffer’d not,
“The living remain’d and suffer’d, the mother suffer’d,
And the wife and the child and the musing comrade suffer’d,
And the armies that remain’d suffer’d.”

Marianne Williamson: The Gnarly Psychology of Unnecessary War

The American people have been suckers for decades now, for serious-sounding men and women in business suits spouting nationalistic crap about the necessity of applying brute force in places where it is patently absurd to do so.    By Marianne Williamson  LAProgressive.com  June 15, 2014 We have a big problem in Iraq: We Really. Really. Really. […]

Sherwood Ross> Is America a Police State?

A young girl protesting at an Occupy Portland demonstration has military grade pepper spray sprayed down her throat at close range by riot police, 11/18/11. (photo: Randy L. Rasmussen/The Oregonian) Is America a Police State? By Sherwood Ross  07 February 12    OpEd News via  RSN You know you live in a police state when […]