Marianne Williamson: The Gnarly Psychology of Unnecessary War

The American people have been suckers for decades now, for serious-sounding men and women in business suits spouting nationalistic crap about the necessity of applying brute force in places where it is patently absurd to do so.    [getty src="485626285?et=2bK7ECF5Tvhn2_dOfZhYvw&sig=fIxEY-OwWnv3mVQN3yesAwlLlAlVIM8zxQ3cnXKDXbY=" width="594" height="441"] By Marianne Williamson  June 15, 2014 We have a big problem in Iraq: More

Sherwood Ross> Is America a Police State?

A young girl protesting at an Occupy Portland demonstration has military grade pepper spray sprayed down her throat at close range by riot police, 11/18/11. (photo: Randy L. Rasmussen/The Oregonian) Is America a Police State? By Sherwood Ross  07 February 12    OpEd News via  RSN You know you live in a police state when More

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