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My Life with Maus, Or How I Was Banned… by Tom Englehardt

"Tennessee school board banned Spiegelman’s book on the grounds, at least nominally, that it contained naked cartoon mice — Jewish victims in a concentration camp and Spiegelman’s mother, who committed suicide, in a bathtub — and profanity as well (like that word “damn!”)."

End U.S. support for Israeli Apartheid? Session 2

Consortium News June 5, 2021 Julian Assange’s father John Shipton begins a month-long, 17-city U.S. tour in Miami as his son languishes in Belmarsh Prison in Lon- don awaiting a U.S. appeal against the denial of his extradition.

Diana Johnstone: Washington’s Green branches in Europe

The German Green Party has a chance to join a ruling coal it ion in September ’s election, after turning its back on its roots, to root for Washington. By Diana Johnstone in Paris Special to Consortium News May 3, 2021 Pervasive American influence has caused drastically deteriorating relation between Western European countries and Russia. More

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