Fossil Fuel Companies Fuel American Fascism, by Basav Sen

As the struggle to stop LINE 3 has become first and foremost, I am reposting this article from Scheerpost about the oil industry’s funding of neo-fascist groups and the connections through Enbridge and Line 3. The Minnesota Connetion

Rise Up Times

The oil, gas, and coal industries all support and fund white supremacy and far-right politics.

[Roo Reynolds / CC BY-NC 2.0]

Photo by Susu Jeffrey at 350MN visit to Clearbook MN, June 25, 2013

Editor’s Note: The Minnesota connection:       

From Basav Sen’s article:

“Koch Industries is widely known as a major right-wing political donor. It’s also a vast conglomerate that’s deeply intertwined with fossil fuels, with interests in refineriesequipmentengineering, and construction services for petrochemical facilities, gas transportation and storage, and more.”

Koch Industries unfortunately, has a lot more than a toe-hold in Minnesota. The large facility near Red Wing brings in trainloads of tar sands oil in freight trains that cross Wisconsin, trains that can have 100 cars or more. I have seen these ‘black bombs,” as some Wisconsinites call them, lined up at the refinery when driving by. Also at…

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