Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a very Happy New Year.

COVID, climate change, racial justice and civil liberties—and one more, the threat of nuclear war at 100 seconds to midnight—are crises we live under daily. Today our lives require constant action, constant vigilance as democracy itself is under threat. Defeating Trump was a longed-for victory, but we still need to act now. Under each of the crises lies a series of issues.

Rise Up Times publishes thoughtful analyses of the issues that affect our lives daily and serve as a basis for action. This is the time of year is when the yearly costs for Rise Up Times are due. Your help is needed. A gift of $25 will make it possible to continue to bring you writings of stories, actions, events, and critical analysis.

Yes, it can be overwhelming. A wise activist once recommended choosing one or two issues to focus on and support others as best you can. And there are many good causes to choose from these days, from immigration and deportation to gun control, from fair wages to a carousel of concerns related to climate and the environment such as fracking, fossil fuels, Line 3 and other pipelines, and finally COVID-related issues like universal health care and of course all antiwar, propeace activities—by no means a full list.

I have learned so much over the 10 years of publishing Rise Up Times, searching for and posting the best articles to share. Above all, I have learned from you, the readers, from articles you have sent to me and from your comments on the Rise Up Times website and Facebook pages. Together we have contributed to many movements, informing, educating, and taking action around issues that matter.

Rise Up Times is admittedly and consciously eclectic with a focus on media analysis and antiwar, propeace activities but inclusive of many movements that coalesce and weave in and out of each other.

Some activities and groups may call for more radical solutions than others. All are seeds of justice and peace. All are important to form a larger Movement that will bring about the changes we struggle for. Your donation—along with your actions and comments—is essential for informed action in building for and demanding change. Please donate today.

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Your continued support does make a difference, as does every phone call you make, every email you send, every protest you attend, every conversation you have with friends family or strangers, and every action you take for justice and peace.

Thank you,
Sue Ann Martinson, Editor
Rise Up Times

By Published On: December 25th, 2020Comments Off on Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a very Happy New Year

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