SAVE OUR VA!  Veterans say NO to Privatization

Call or Write Your Congressional Senators and Representatives NOW

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Proposed new regulations for veterans’ healthcare on Capitol Hill could lead to a total dismantling and privatization of the VA healthcare system that our veterans want and need!



We need you to write or pick up the phone and call your Congressional Senators and Representative at 202-224-3121….tell them the following:

My name is (YOUR NAME), and I’m a constituent of yours and also a veteran (or the spouse, friend, supporter of veterans).

I’m calling today because I’m really concerned about the drastic changes VA Secretary Robert Wilkie has proposed to the current VA health care system that could lead to privatization of the VA.  I’m urging you to help amend his proposed regulations giving veterans access to private-sector community healthcare.

I want the Veteran Community Care Program (VCCP) to:

  • Have a separate budget – instead of “raiding” current and future VA facilities funding.
  • Require all private-sector healthcare personnel meet the same training, competence and quality standards as at all VA facilities.
  • Be redesigned, but this time in consultation with Congress and major veterans organizations.

So, I’m urging you to please contact your colleagues on the Congressional Veterans Affairs Committee, and ask them to reject the proposed VA access regulations.

Calls Do Influence Senators and Representatives!

It’s up to all of us to Save Our VA, so please start contacting your Congressional representatives today! 

To write rather than call, go to to find an address/phone number for your Representative and Senators.

*Save Our VA – Minnesota, email: SOVAMINN@GMAIL.COM

Here’s How the Proposed Regulations Would Impact VA Healthcare.

The Situation is Urgent!

In January, VA Secretary Wilkie proposed regulations, without getting customary input from Congress and major Veteran Service Organizations, on how veterans will access private-sector Veterans Community Care Program (VCCP) healthcare under the 2018 MISSION Act.

The proposed regulations will:

  • Create standards that diminish the VA high-quality model of healthcare that studies show 86% of veterans prefer. All major veterans’ organizations support the excellent services provided by the VA and oppose privatization.
  • Not require VCCP private hospitals & clinics to meet the same quality standards that VA facilities must meet.
  • Undermine the MISSION Act’s mandate that all mental health care meet veteran needs for PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury and Military Sexual Trauma.
  • Divert already limited VA staff from providing health care to scheduling and managing care that veterans receive in private VCCP facilities.
  • Use some $4 billion annually from the limited VA budget to fund private VCCP facilities that were not funded by the MISSION Act. This could lead to privatization! (The impact of using VA facility funds to pay for VCCP private care ignores the fact that there are currently 49,000 unfilled VA positions and Sec. Wilkie refuses to fill these vacancies!)

To Learn more …

  • Locally, if you want to help Save Our VA by spreading information, volunteering or coordinating efforts, please contact us by email at SOVAMINN@GMAIL.COM. SOVA members are also available to speak with your group.
  • The Veterans Health Policy Institute (VHPI) has considerable information at their website: org. You can also sign up for weekly updates.

Prepared by Veterans for Peace Chapter 27 SOVA Committee.


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