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By Joe Scarry  Scarry Thoughts  July 26, 2016

The 2016 US presidential election is one of the most perplexing ever for people who oppose war and militarism.

The Democratic candidate is running on her credentials as a tough hawk; the Republican candidate makes random remarks that oddly align with some antiwar positions. The circus atmosphere is bigger than ever and the third-party antiwar candidates that we might usually place some hope in are lost in the swirl of events.

This year seems to underline a difficult truth: in the run-up to the US presidential election, it always seems axiomatic that this will be the opportune time to make headway on the antiwar agenda; but in the craziness of election season itself it becomes obvious just how far out of the action we antiwar people are.

As I reeled from last week’s GOP convention shenanigans and find myself drenched in another week of party-business-as-usual during the Democratic convention, I’m having a moment of clarity: these people are stealing my time.

There are, what, 100 days remaining until the election in November? Am I really going to let the next 100 days be commandeered by the minutiae and couch-quarterbacking of this election?

2016 Presidential Election Countdown Clock

Consider: what if each of us claimed back the time that election 2016 is trying to demand of us?What if we said, “I am not giving you my attention?” What if, instead, we acknowledged that we know right now what we’re going to do on election day, and we don’t need any more TV coverage or newspaper stories or Facebook posts or tweets, and that instead we were going to use that time in a way of our own choosing?What would you do with that extra 30 minutes or hour or . . . ?

Here’s a radical proposal: what if each of us spent that extra hour a day over the next 100 days to simply think? Imagine saying, “I am investing these 100 hours in thinking deeply about what it will take to change the war-like ways of this country I live in. I am going to ask hard questions,confront what’s really standing in the way, think creatively, and come up with new ways to be an effective peace worker. This is my time and I am going to make the best use of it.”

Taking a break to think.  The results could be . . . revolutionary . . . !

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