It is hope that is driving the ongoing protests in the streets of my city, Minneapolis. If you have followed the news from afar you might think they are about demanding accountability for the senseless police killing of young Jamar Clark, or the white supremacists opening fire on protesters on North Plymouth Avenue. That is too limited a reading, although these events do shape the landscape in which the struggle unfolds. If you were to walk among the crowds that gather each night outside the fourth police precinct in the late autumn darkness you would know that it’s all about hope. Hope is what drives a people to resist. A fever is not caused by bacteria or viruses entering your body. It is your body’s natural response to being under attack, to drive out the infection. To heal. It your body declaring its will to live. its determination to win.

Be well and be powerful,
Ricardo Levins Morales  (November 2015 Newsletter, RLM Art Studio)

“Unless Black Lives Matter, All Lives Can’t Matter” Cornell Brooks, National NAACP president told the crowd. “We are in it for the long haul.”

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Supporters of Black Lives Matter and Jamar Clark marched for hours Tuesday through Minneapolis, carrying banners and calling for justice.

WCCO 4 News At 6 – November 24, 2015   Jennifer Mayerle reporting.

After a night of violence that left five people shot near the 4th Precinct occupation, protesters march to Minneapolis City Hall in a show of solidarity.

Video by Papa Bear  November 24, 2015

Hundreds gathered for a peaceful candlelight vigil augmented with the lights of hundreds of smart phones and police surveillance lights at Minneapolis 4th precinct station Friday night. They were there to remember Jamar Clark who had been gunned down by Minneapolis police on Sunday.

Dozens of fire pits and tables busting with food, coffee and water supported the hundreds rallying for justice in the killing.

“Unless Black Lives Matter, All Lives Can’t Matter” Cornell Brooks, National NAACP president told the crowd. “We are in it for the long haul.”

from PRO 5 days ago / via Tubemogul ALL AUDIENCES
Video by Bill Sorem

mpls police ricardoArt by Ricardo Levins Morales  RLM Art Studio   Art for Social Justice



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