“The way to respond to ISIS is not through violence.”

Joe Scarry of #NoNukesTuesday weighs in on ISIS and nonviolence.

Come Home America

by Joe Scarry

I’ve predicted that ISIS is one of two topics that presidential candidates are going to have to address in the 2016 election cycle. (The other isBlackLivesMatter.)

(See What Will Dominate Election 2016? (ANSWER: ISIS and #BlackLivesMatter) )

Since I wrote that, I’ve been researching and thinking about the intricacies of the places that, in the 20th century, had names like Iraq and Syria (and Jordan and Lebanon and Israel and Turkey and . . . ).

It’s fascinating to become absorbed in the complexity.

But today it occurred to me that the solution is probably simple.  So simple, in fact, that we can’t see it even though it is staring us in the face.

“I’ll bet . . . . ” said I to myself, “I’ll bet you can find a hundred articles on alternative ways to deal with ISIS — ways that don’t involve…

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