Enbridge Pipelines
Kathy Hollander of MN350 commented:

Tar sands oil is not illegal, but the switching of the tar sands oil from the Alberta Clipper to another Enbridge pipeline, Line 3, at the international border is. This is the subject of  the lawsuit filed by many groups, including MN350.org.

This switch to another pipeline right at the border and then back to the Alberta Clipper after the border circumvents the requirement for the additional flow of oil to be evaluated under the National Environmental Protection Act  (NEPA) and also requires a Presidential permit, none of which Enbridge has yet.

The other pipeline, Line 3 is much older and when it was built did not have these requirements. (Enbridge replaced the older pipeline sections across the border so it could bear the heavy tar sands oil.)

It would also be great if you had the whole story. I don’t know how much is confusing. The oil on line 3 and the Alberta Clipper, also called line 67, is currently being switched between the two lines before the border and switched back after. That’s because line three has been carrying less and they wanted to increase line 67’s amount.
You may have also heard Line 3 is very old, and in very bad shape, and Enbridge has finally announced they are going to replace it. But realize they put new pipe in just at the border in order to load the increased tar sands oil on it at the border. The rest of the replacement will come before the Public Utilities Commission because once replaced, it will be carrying so much more oil (also tar sands at times) than the old decrepid line could support. It is controversial also  because east of Park Rapids it will be laid in the brand new corridor alongside the Sandpiper pipeline.
Welcome to the confusing world of “let’s name a pipeline” in Minnesota, where we are ground zero for pipelines. And there are many unusual things going on.

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By Published On: June 12th, 2015Comments Off on Enbridge Pipelines: Map includes Minnesota but shows whole of USA

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