Editor’s Note: Some of these videos were not available for posting, but you can find them in the original article by clicking here.  They are worth viewing.

A man stands between agitated protesters and a line of cops, trying to quell the protestors’ aggression by blocking them and yelling, “Do not give them a reason!”   VIDEO – GO TO ORIGINAL

A man stood outside a 7-Eleven and reportedly blocked the entrance from being attacked by looters.

Source: Imgur

A young black man has a passionate dialogue with the police over Freddie Gray, and the police officer agrees with everything he says.   VIDEO – GO TO ORIGINAL

Ordinary citizens clean up after the riots once the cameras turn their attention away.   VIDEO – GO TO ORIGINAL

Source: Mic/CBS

A group of older black men in suits, reportedly with the Nation of Islam, walk through the streets in an attempt to disperse the crowds.

Source: Imgur

A Michael Jackson impersonator offers light relief to protesters by dancing in the street.   VIDEO – GO TO ORIGINAL

Literally thousands of protesters march peacefully in Freddie Gray’s honor, including people of all races, even though they don’t get the same airtime.

Source: Black Westchester