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Editor’s Note:  therealnewsnetwork.com will be livestreaming coverage from Baltimore today (Wednesday, April 29, 2015) at 2:00 pm EST.

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Editor’s Note: Some of these videos were not available for posting, but you can find them in the original article by clicking here.  They are worth viewing.

A man stands between agitated protesters and a line of cops, trying to quell the protestors’ aggression by blocking them and yelling, “Do not give them a reason!”   VIDEO – GO TO ORIGINAL

A man stood outside a 7-Eleven and reportedly blocked the entrance from being attacked by looters.

Source: Imgur

A young black man has a passionate dialogue with the police over Freddie Gray, and the police officer agrees with everything he says.   VIDEO – GO TO ORIGINAL

Ordinary citizens clean up after the riots once the cameras turn their attention away.   VIDEO – GO TO ORIGINAL

Source: Mic/CBS

A group of older black men in suits, reportedly with the Nation of Islam, walk through the streets in an attempt to disperse the crowds.

Source: Imgur

A Michael Jackson impersonator offers light relief to protesters by dancing in the street.   VIDEO – GO TO ORIGINAL

Literally thousands of protesters march peacefully in Freddie Gray’s honor, including people of all races, even though they don’t get the same airtime.

Source: Black Westchester

 BREAKING: Police Were Harassing Students Before Monday’s Outrage
The Real News Network.

Exclusive documents obtained by The Real News show how police officers engaged in a pattern of abuse before the killing of Freddie Gray by arresting teenagers who were waiting to take the bus back home in the same in Northwest Baltimore that would erupt  and lead to the chaos seen this week.

The article above is just one of many articles about the actions and demonstrations and what is going on in Baltimore posted by The Real News Network, which is located in Baltimore and therefore in a position for first-hand coverage. Click below to go to their website for many articles and perspectives on the Baltimore Uprising.

The Real News Network  April 28, 2015

Finally, ColorofChange.org and moveon.org have created a website to report on Baltimore issues.  They ask for help in coverage. Hash tags to use: If you see something you think the nation should see, please tweet it with the hashtag #BaltimoreUprising or #FreddieGray and tag @MoveOn and @ColorOfChange in your post so they don’t miss it.

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