▶ Greater Republica: Animator Mark Fiore weighs in on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s campaign stunt

Animator Mark Fiore weighs in on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s campaign stunt, or rather, speech before the U.S. Congress. Watch the animation and read Fiore’s ideas below.     

By Mark Fiore  truthdig.com  March 5, 2015

Click on the white type in the blue background to watch the video:  “Watch on Vimeo.”

Now that Benjamin Netanyahu has given his very own State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress, the partisan colonization of the world is in full swing! Netanyahu has clearly thrown his lot in with the Republicans, and virtually every Republican in Congress has jumped on the Bibi bandwagon. Gone are the days of a unified bipartisan stance toward Israel. With the Israeli government going Republican, what political party will other nations pick?

Maybe we’re about to enter a domestic arms race, where each party will try to align with their chosen nations. (I’m personally reserving Somalia for Paul Ryan and other Ayn Randers.) It actually may not be a bad thing that the current Likud government in Israel has sided so clearly with Republicans, maybe this is the first step to our politicians seeing a difference between Israeli government policies and support for the Israeli people.

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Almost forgotten in all of the Netanyahu Congressional showboating is the fact that the Obama Administration is frantically trying to negotiate an effective nuclear agreement with Iran. Don’t be fooled by Bibi’s talk of a “better deal,” more sanctions and a tougher stance toward Iran’s nuke program won’t yield any deal at all, and will yield instead all out military battle with Iran. Enjoy the cartoon, and be sure to dive deeper into some of the news stories behind the ‘toon.


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