The ISIS monster would never have emerged without the US policy of overthrowing Assad, Barry Grossman writes.

The ISIS monster would never have emerged without the US policy of overthrowing Assad, Barry Grossman writes.

Barry K. Grossman,  PressTV  Fri Oct 10, 2014

We should avoid always falling into the trap of assuming the various elements comprising the US dominated “Empire” security apparatus hatch, plan and execute their operations in the same way a team of architects, engineers and designers conceive of and realize the construction of a high rise complex.

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I see the security apparatus much more like a bunch of cowboys who set out to capture new stock by stampeding wild herds in a calculated manner having first carefully chosen the ground and set up positions to take advantage of all possible outcomes and exit points as the herd flees.

The security apparatus certainly commits huge resources to analyzing and planning, but ultimately it seems to mostly operate by opportunistically taking advantage of apparently spontaneous new developments which have already been anticipated by their modeling and contingency plans.

I do not know what other people mean when they claim ISIS was created by the US or the CIA but I know what I mean when I refer to the US role in its emergence. In the same way the public considers the pizza sold by Pizza Hut or some other franchise to be made by “the company” which owns the brand and provided the kitchen, ingredients and recipes to a hired cook, US regional policy in all its variations was calculated to precipitate the emergence of a group like ISIS. It does not matter what claims are made by the cook or what variations he introduces to the standard recipes. Whatever pizzas are sold to the public, are understandably taken by the public to have been made by The Company.

In the same way the cook could never make pizza without a kitchen and ingredients, the real as opposed to the psyop version of the ISIS phenomena would never have emerged without the US policy of overthrowing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, without the US support given both directly and indirectly through regional client states to those who are now rallying behind al-Nusra Front and ISIS, without the implied US “Green Light” and without the expectation of military support deliberately cultivated among insurgents by the US.

While it appears almost certain that various black ops and “wet workers” had an even more direct involvement in encouraging and herding the ISIS phenomena, that is really quite beside the point. It is, if you like, mere gravy to the big slab of roast beef which was indisputably put on the table by US mischief making.

Barry K. Grossman is an international lawyer based on Indonesia’s island of Bali.


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